The Bestival Bugle - download previous year's editions!

  • 4 October 2012
  • POSTED BY Bruce
  • Bestival2012bugle

Stubbornly un-revamped and resplendent in glorious monochrome, the Bestival Bugle again gave 7,000 early (ahem) risers its inimitable take on matters onsite each day at Bestival 2012.

But if you were otherwise engaged while the Bugle paperpeeps were being rapidly relieved of their burden, fear not, because an incredibly complicated hard-copy-to-electrical-witchcraft conversion process has been employed to make this year’s Bugle available exclusively here, digitally, online and all that.

You can download all three editions below, and even print your own copies if you like. (Collectors note, original editions of the Bugle are printed on recycled paper with a 0.1% gold content, and so will retain their value on eBay in years to come).

2012 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday

All previous editions are also available to download for free as PDFs by clicking the links below:
2005 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2006 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2007 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2008 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2009 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2010 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2011 – Friday // Saturday // Sunday